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What is Lethean?
Lethean is the synthesis of blockchain and VPN technology created for the new age of digital censorship and geo-restricted content. Lethean incorporates the anonymous Cryptonote blockchain to empower users to purchase Browser VPN and full client VPN services through our unique market based server scheme.

Our suite of privacy tools is accessible to all. The user simply needs to download the Lethean wallet and browser extension which is available on many popular browsers. The server marketplace is viewable in the wallet once the user has selected the country, speed and price of their choosing they simply click connect on the browser extension. This allows anyone from any country to access information that may be censored in their home country.

What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that is used to mask your internet traffic from prying eyes. VPNs allow you to appear to be accessing all of your information from a different location, and allow you to browse the internet publicly or privately free from your internet service provider or anyone else that attempts to view what you are doing online. True VPNs not only protect you by hiding your personal IP address but by encrypting the traffic sent to you thus reducing the risk malicious actors can see what your doing on the internet.  

Browser VPN vs. Full Client VPN.

The browser VPN is also called a proxy. It is an encrypted connection to and outside server which hides your IP address and protects your internet traffic but only on the browser you are using. Any other programs running in the background will still be sending traffic through your normal internet service provider.

A full client VPN on the other hand, protects your personal IP address as well as encrypts all traffic on your computer. So all web browsers and applications will be routed through your VPN server providing the highest level of protection.


What is an Exit Node?

An exit node is the term used to describe the VPN servers. When you connect to a VPN the traffic goes through, and exits a server thus protecting your identity and encrypting your internet traffic.

Why do I Need VPN?

There are numerous reasons why people need VPNs and why an ever growing segment of the internet population is using VPNs on a regular basis. With a VPN people are able to conceal their online activity which prevents malicious and/or corporate entities from logging all your online activities such as browsing and shopping habits. This inhibits the ability targeted advertising to work properly and minimizes the amount of information data collection companies are able to sell about you. VPNs are also useful in reducing government sponsored censorship by allowing individuals to access information their country deems inappropriate. Furthermore, a major use of VPNs is to access geo-restricted content such as Youtube videos not available in your country, streaming sports events and Netflix for example.


Why is it Different from Commercial VPN Providers?

Lethean offers a unique VPN marketplace where user can anonymously buy service from a wide range of providers without contracts. Lethean is an On-Demand service, meaning you only pay for it when you want to use it.  Lethean is based on the anonymous cryptonote technology which provides anonymity for all transactions, there is no credit card or paypal trail with your name on it.

Furthermore, Letheans unique marketplace affords the opportunity for anyone to become an exit node and sell their unused internet bandwidth in exchange for Lethean currency thereby allowing anyone to gain income from there internet connection.   


Why is it Different from Blockchain Competitors?

Lethean has its own blockchain which is anonymous (not an eth token) so you can hide your identity from the VPN provider. You can get an amount of LTHN by mining which means you can use VPN just by using extra electricity. We will offer enhanced privacy mode for extra safety.

Unlike its competitors, Lethean uses its own blockchain based on Monero, which is anonymous payment method. Our competitors in the cryptocurrency market do not offer anonymous payments, which leaves their user base exposed when purchasing VPN service. Furthermore, Lethean offers the ability to mine. Mining allows for additional passive income, and can allow users to purchase VPN service at the price of electricity that it takes to mine.


How Can I Use Lethean VPN?

To use lethean browser VPN or full client VPN services you will need to first download and install the lethean wallet and send funds to it, which can be obtained by purchasing them on exchanges, mining, providing exit node services or given by joining our discord server.  

To use the browser VPN you will also have to download and install the extension from either the Chrome or Firefox extension stores. Once that is complete you select the server you wish to use from the wallet, click connect, pay for the service and then activate the extension in your browser.

If you need additional assistance, you can watch our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As73O5_G_vc

What Wallets are Available?

We offer a Graphic User Interface Wallet (GUI), Command Line Interface (CLI) and a Paper Wallet. Our GUI and CLI wallets are available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows operating systems.  


Do I Have to Download the Blockchain?

It is not necessary to house the blockchain data locally. We offer the ability to connect to a remote node. To connect to a remote node, you will need to go into your wallet settings, change your node address to “sync.lethean.io”. You can also watch our video on how to connect to a remote node by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2mEjD2s1kI.


How Can I Get Lethean?

You can get Lethean by mining or purchasing from an exchange. You can find more information on how to mine by visiting https://lethean.io/mining-info/. Another great great resource to learn how to mine is located here: https://medium.com/@herominers/how-to-mine-lethean-lthn-complete-beginners-guide-db8759a21f58. If you would like to purchase Lethean, we are currently listed on TradeOgre, STEX and Bitker.


How Can I Sell my Internet?

To sell your unused bandwidth, you will need to set up an exit node. From there, users will be capable of connecting to your exit node. You will be paid in Lethean, which you can use for your own VPN services or you can sell your Lethean on an exchange.


Is it Safe to Have an Exit Node?

We believe that TOR has answered these questions wonderfully. We would recommend you review their FAQ on operating as an exit node by visiting https://www.torproject.org/eff/tor-legal-faq.html.en. We are not legal experts, and if you have questions about the legality and legal obligations that you face, we recommend that you contact a legal professional.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy VPN Services?

Since our marketplace is driven by users, the price for VPN services is contingent on the exit node you select and the person that is operating as an exit node. However, it is often significantly cheaper than any other pay services on the market.


Is There a List of the Available Servers?



Do you collect Data?

No, Lethean itself does not log any user data when using an exit node.


What is Enhanced Privacy Mode?

Enhanced Privacy Mode will allow users to route their internet traffic through multiple exit node servers before the data is returned to the user. This is similar to the double VPN concept and can also be compared to tor’s onion routing. If the user adds more than 2 exit nodes, since the traffic is encrypted at each step and each server only knows the IP address of the previous server, it makes any form of meaningful logging or data tracking prohibitively difficult. This ensures that even if an exit node is collecting data, it cannot definitively be coming from the user.

I Have Intense Coins(ITNS), how Can I Turn Them to Lethean?

Fear not, only the name has changed the blockchain is still the same. You will need to download our most recent wallet, then open your IntenseCoin file with the new wallet.

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