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Subscribing to the Service Discovery Platform


The Service Discovery Platform is the core component for managing available services. This platform is responsible for broadcasting to all network users the available providers and services available to them.


A Provider wanting to make its services available to general audience needs a valid subscription within the Service Discovery Platform, where its services will be available and shown to all users of the ecosystem.



To have a valid subscription, the provider must pay a fee that will make the services available for a period of 30 days.

When a first payment is made, the services that are added afterwards will become available for 30 days from the reception of the payment.

For each subsequent payment, the subscription period will be extended for 30 days. Any amount of services can exist within a single subscription.


NOTE: Always ensure you have the latest dispatcher version before submitting payments and renewing your subscription. Updates on any of the platform components might make it impossible for older dispatcher versions to correctly communicate services to our platform, so make sure your system is up to date! For instructions on how to update your dispatcher, refer to the official documentation here https://github.com/LetheanMovement/lethean-vpn#updating-the-dispatcher


For sending payments to the SDP monitored wallet, please use the following wallet address:



Each payment should have the Payment ID filled in with the appropriate Provider ID.


Below you can find an example of a Payment ID, which will be reused throughout this document as an example for broadcasting services:



The amount to be sent to the platform for subscription purposes must be exactly 10.0 LTHN.


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