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Using the Chrome Browser Extension


To use the Chrome Browser Extension, you need to have it already installed in your system. For instructions on how to setup the extension, please refer to this article: https://lethean.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013600671-Installing-the-Chrome-Browser-Extension

If the extension has already been installed in your Chrome Browser, you will need an active subcription to a provider service in order to surf the internet. For instructions on how to subscribe to a service using your Wallet, refer to this article: https://lethean.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013385192-Using-Proxy-Services

If both of these steps have already been done, you just need to click on the Browser Extension icon on the top right hand corner of your browser and then on the button "CLICK TO CONNECT", as shown in the image below:



After connecting, you will see the connection information page, and you are all set and ready to use the internet through one of the providers available in the platform!


The connection screen shows information regarding the status of your connection, including provider and plan information, transferred data and other details:


While the extension is establishing the connection or until the connection has been validated server side, you will not be able to see any data.

NOTE: Data presentation in this screen is still under progress due to some Chrome Browser restrictions.


While the extension is active, all tabs opened through Google Chrome will use the proxy server.

If you wish to stop using the proxy service and get back to using your regular IP address and unprotected setting to accesing the internet, just click on Disconnect:



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