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Using Proxy Services


Start by launching your wallet in your operating system (Windows, Linux or MacOS).

After starting the wallet (and authenticating if your wallet is password protected), you will see a Menu at the left hand side of the window.

The last item on the menu is called “VPN + Proxy”. Click that menu item:



Upon clicking “VPN + Proxy”, you will see two submenu options:

  • Dashboard – In this screen you will see past information regarding providers you have connected to, or active connection information if you are already connected to a service.
  • Provider – Provider searching screen, where you can see the available services and filter them by your requirements.

If this is the first time you are using the service, you should go ahead and click “Provider”. No information will be present in the dashboard on the first usage.

When you click “Provider”, you will see all the available services:



If you find a service that you want to connect to, simply click “Connect” on the corresponding line. You will see a confirmation screen before proceeding, so you can double check before submitting a payment for that service. Click "OK" to start using the service:



Note#1: Until your wallet if fully synchronized, you will not be able to connect to a provider, as a payment needs to be issued to subscribe for the service.

Note#2: Payments take some minutes to reach the provider. Until the payment is received by the provider, you will be unable to use the service. Time for service only starts from the moment the provider starts allowing access to the service.

If you do not see the service you are looking for, or if there you want to filter out some services, just use the filtering options at the top of the screen. When you have found the best provider and service for your needs, click “Connect” on that service:



You can also learn more details about the service and provider by clicking the “Details” button on the corresponding line:



When you confirm the connection to a given provider, you will be redirected to the Dashboard, where you will be able to see information regarding your active connection, including payment, data transferred and other details.



From the Dashboard, you are also able to disconnect from an active service by clicking on Disconnect:



If you are not connected to any provider but you have already connected to one, you will see an option to easily reconnect to that same provider:



NOTE: Clicking in the "Reconnect" button will not show a confirmation screen, it is a one step process and you will be connected right away, and issue payment for service immediately.


When you have finished setting up the service connection within the Wallet, you are ready to start using the Browser Extension.

If you are using Firefox browser, refer to these articles:

If you are using Chrome browser, refer to these articles:

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